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PPC ( Paid Search )

PPC (pay per click) advertising should be at the centre of any effective online marketing strategy. This method of advertising offers the capacity to target user who are at all stages of the conversion cycle and enables advertisers the opportunity to create unique messaging in order to promote their products / services in line with the user’s interest.


The Google Adwords interface is the source of our strength. Developing an account structure which is tailored to your business will ensure the traffic you receive is of the highest quality. We will research your market in order to ascertain key areas and highlight your competition so that you are always a step ahead.


Continuous account optimisation will help grow your coverage across the search network, raise Ad positions and drive down your CPC (cost per click). We track every impression and click your Ads receive, this way we can accurately measure performance down to a keyword level and adjust our strategy accordingly in order to boost cost efficiency and support ROI.

Setup and Management

Setup and management of your account will encompass advanced keyword research, development and refinement, competitor analysis, bid management and regular website review and analysis to ensure your site is configured in line with best practices. Our skilled team of PPC specialists utilise a multitude of advertising channels including the Google network (both search and display), Facebook, Bing and Yahoo to ensure effective deployment and maintenance of your PPC campaign.

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