A Digital Agency with roots in search specialising in online visibility to deliver you positive ROI.

Welcome to Flaunt Digital, let us tell you what we do…

Flaunt Digital are a digital marketing agency that specialise in making sure you are visible online in all the right places, and that you look good while you’re doing it! With roots in search we like to make sure that we cover all aspects of your online marketing using an integrated approach, and our genius specialists to make sure you maximise your online potential! We offer a wide range of services and pride ourselves on being superb at what we do, have a read through our services and if you feel that you have any questions just drop us a line.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is constantly evolving and search engine algorithms are becoming smarter and smarter. Maintaining website compliance as well as capitalising on SEO influences such as social media is key to online success.Flaunt Digital strive to stay on top of any changes in search algorithms and use techniques that are ethical, that will ensure long term success not just a short term gain.A strategy bespoke to your business to ensure long term online success.

PPC (Paid Search)

PPC or “Pay Per Click” is a way of advertising your business by bidding for users to click through to your site.Passionate about PPC and Google Adwords certified, we are able to strategise and deploy an effective and innovative Paid search campaign. Whether you need an account re-build or you need a brand new account building from the ground up we have it covered. We work to constantly reduce your cost per click with our comprehensive account management.

ROI (Return On Investment)

We completely understand how important it is to invest money in marketing your business, Flaunt Digital work hard to make sure that all our campaigns drive the best possible ROI (Return On Investment). Making sure that from the outset the correct campaign tracking is in place, allows us to report exactly how much you are getting back for what you put in.
Positive ROI is built in to all our search marketing campaigns, whether your final goal is to increase sales and leads or increase brand awareness.

Website Design & Development

Website design and development has changed alot over the last ten years with HTML5 and CSS3 changing the way websites are built, as well as the growth of mobile making it essential for your website to be not only visible on mobile devices but usable on mobile devices too. Responsive design is at the core of our site designs which means that when we design and build a site for your business it will work out of the box across all devices seamlessly giving you a huge advantage online.

Social Media

Social media has become a part of almost everyone’s day to day life, from Twitter and Facebook to Instagram and Youtube there are certainly a lot of social networks to choose from, identifying which one your audience is using can sometimes be a little bit tricky. Flaunt Digital have experience with a huge range of social networks, as well as the best ways to grow your community so that you can maximise the power of social media. Let us get to know your business and we will deploy the perfect social media campaign to grow your online community.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a highly cost effective way to reach out to new customers, as well as being a great way to engage with existing ones. Flaunt Digital can handle every aspect of your email marketing campaign, from custom html design to campaign deployment we can help! All our email campaigns take every possible angle into consideration so your emails will be mobile friendly as well as being integrated with all your favourite social channels.

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